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    With the realization that the Nazis have pulled far ahead of the Allies in development Ubers, hope starts to fade and some greater gambles are taken in hopes of turning the tide.  Desperation is the currency of the hour with no end in sight to the horrors of enhanced human warfare.  Kieron Gillen, Daniel Gete, and Caanan White spin a new chapter of fear and genocide in the pages of the most devastating war coming being published. And the origin and first missions of Sieglinde and the German Battleships are declassified and illustrated by Gabriel Andrade!  The German war machine has been developing the most powerful weapons ever fashioned.  Their Battleship class Ubers are like living atom bombs annihilating every obstacle in their paths.  But they were once humans, and it takes more than power to make a monster, so what could have forged such cold, murderous beasts?  The past is revealed as we see the genesis of the German Battleships in this groundbreaking alternate history war story!  This volume collects issues #18 - 22 of the ongoing Über comic book series and the Uber 2014 Special.

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