MTG Battle for Baldurs Gate Commander Deck Draconic Dissent U/R

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    MTG Battle for Baldurs Gate Commander Deck  Draconic Dissent U/R

    The franchise is called Dungeons and Dragons, so a Dragon-themed deck fits naturally among the Baldur’s Gate Commmander decks. Dragon tribal precons, are always very popular, and there’s no reason for this one to be any different.

    One problem with recurring themes in Commander precons is that they might feel the same, as the ones that came before. Wizards could easily go with classic Dragon tribal themes, or even with something spell based, as this is the Izzet color combination (but we already saw that with Niv-Mizzet Parun). Instead, they decided to go for something fresh, by focusing on both Dragon tribal and the goad mechanic.

    This mechanic allows you to force creatures to attack – preferably someone other than you, which is great in multiplayer games. One problem that multiplayer games sometimes have is that they sometimes take too much time, as nobody wants to attack of the fear of that player attacking them back.

    Goad takes care of that by forcing the players to attack. This gives more focus to combat, which sometimes feels a bit neglected, compared to other phases. So, it’s certainly going to be exciting to see just how this deck combines both goad and Dragon tribal. We can already draw some conclusions from the face commander.



    - $53.08

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