First Orchard

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    Players 1-4 (Best with 2-3)

    Playing Time  10 Mins

    Age  2-4

    Complexity 1.75/5

    Type  For Kids!

    Haba's classic Orchard for the smallest ones. The rules are adjusted to their age and the game material is especially designed for a small child's hand. The beautiful and handy wooden pieces are also very suitable for free play and fostering better motor skills.

    It’s time to pick the fruit in the orchard! But watch out for the pesky raven coming down the orchard path to eat it all up. Can you pick all the apples, plums, and pears before the raven arrives? A cooperative game for littles as young as 2, this game works on colors, taking turns, fine motor skills, and the concept of winning and losing.


    - $34.51

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