Horizon Zero Dawn

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    Players 1-4 (Best with 3-4)

    Playing Time 60-90 Mins

    Age 12+

    Complexity 2.5/5

    Type  Semi-Co-op

    Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game is a semi co-operative tactical action game for 1-4 players designed in the rich and unique Horizon Zero Dawn universe.

    Assigned a dangerous quarry by the Hunter's Lodge, players choose a tribe and class for their hunter and embark on an adventure through the wilds. A variety of machines and unexpected events lurk along the way, and awaiting them at the end of the trail is a lethal boss fight.

    Combining innovative and dynamic game mechanisms with strategic deck building, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game offers players a unique experience on each playthrough. Hunters can develop along several skill paths and purchase a wide variety of ammunition and equipment from merchants, as well as facing entirely different encounters each time.


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