2000 AD MAY 2021 PROG PACK

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    Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! In Progs 2230-2232, Judge Dredd deals with an out-of-control SJS department in "A Penitent Man," there's a Mob fallout in "Easy Money"; the folk-horror of Thistlebone II comes to its chilling climax; Wrath and Bode have necromancer troubles in Feral & Foe; and there's explosive galactic drama in the thriller "Chorus and the Ring"! Prog 2233: it's the second of 2021's all-ages Regened issues - 48 pages of complete stories, featuring characters new and old. Cadets Joe and Rico Dredd are out of their depth in a Block War in "Lawbreaker"; Psi-Judge Anderson heads into deep space to tackle an alien threat in "Deep Burn"; Dept K cross the multiverse to get home in "Stranded"; and trainee wizards that don't make the grade find themselves at "Lowborn High"!

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