MTG Kaldheim Prerelease Pack

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    Local customers only for this product!  All other orders will be refused and or refunded.   Limit 2 Per Household.

    MTG Kaldheim Prerelease Pack

    On Sale January 29th

     These are usually reserved for play during prerelease weekend at your friendly LGS (Local Gaming Store) like the GME, however for this set we've been allowed to sell them to you to take home on prerelease weekend.   This sale price is for January 29th to 31st only! 

    These contain the right number of packs to create a Sealed deck and have a few other goodies as well:

    • 6 Draft Boosters
    • 1 Foil date-stamped rare or mythic rare
    • 1 MTG Arena code card
    • 1 Spindown
    • 1 Reusable box with divider

    This pack contains the same cool spindown as the Bundle, only smaller.


    - $29.99

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