MTG Zendikar Rising Single Draft Booster

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    MTG Zendikar Rising  Single Draft Booster 

    Draft Boosters are also available in store only  5 boosters for $25 including HST!

    Draft Boosters are pretty much the same as always: the absolute best way to play Limited. Mythic rares drop a bit more frequently this time around, but aside from that, you're getting what you're used to: 10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare or mythic rare, 1 full-art basic land, and 1 token/ad card. Around a third of the time, one of the commons will be replaced by a foil of any rarity. It's also possible that you get a card in a showcase frame, an exciting alternate version of a normal Zendikar Rising card.

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    - $5.31

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