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    Players  2-4 (Best with 4)

    Playing Time  180-240 Mins

    Age 14+

    Complexity  3.75/5


    Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires for two to four players. Runewars pits players against each other in a strategic game of battles and area control, where they must gather resources, raise armies, and lay siege to heavily fortified cities.

    Runewars takes place in the same popular fantasy universe as the board games Runebound, Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Rune Age, and dozens of fan-favorite heroes and monsters play their part. The wars for the dragon runes are beginning, and only one faction will emerge victorious.


    2011 JoTa Best Wargame Nominee
    2011 JoTa Best Heavy Board Game Nominee
    2011 JoTa Best Artwork Nominee
    2010 Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Nominee
    2010 Charles S. Roberts Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame Nominee

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