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    #1 (W) Brandon Vietti (A) Dale Eaglesham (CA) Brandon Peterson
    With no powers, no backup and no other choice, Barry Allen and the other former Flashes face the deadliest threat they’ve ever encountered—Wally West. Possessed by an evil force trapped for thousands of years inside the Speed Force, Barry turns to his greatest foes’ weapons to save the young man he loves like a son. In the end, how much will Barry sacrifice to save the former Kid Flash?
    #2 (W) Brandon Vietti (A) Brandon Peterson (CA) Kaare Andrews
    All hope is lost as Barry Allen races to save his former partner, Wally West. Armed with the weapons of the Rogues who once tried to destroy the Flash, Barry plots an attack that’ll either free the former Kid Flash from the evil that’s possessed him—or end his threat forever!

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