Uno Hello Kitty (No Online Sales!)

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    Players 2-10 (Best with 4-5)

    Playing Time  30 Mins

    Age 7+

    Complexity 1/5

    Type  Kid Friendly/Card

    It's Uno but with Hello Kitty on the cards.

    WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT FROM TRADITIONAL UNO: 'Hello Kitty Love Me Not' wild card. Upon playing the 'Love Me Not' card the player names a color and discards one card in that color. Each player in turn must then also discard one card from their hand or draw from the draw pile. Those discarding must say "Love Me" and those drawing, "Love Me Not" else face the evil UNO penalty of drawing an additional card. Play then resumes as normal upon returning to the player intitiating the "love me(not)" session.

    - $21.90

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