Vampire Counts Coven/ Mortis Engine

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    This enormous multi-part plastic kit contains 87 components to build a Coven Throne, a Mortis Engine or a Bloodseeker Palanquin.

    The monarchs of the night are often borne to war on gilded palanquins known as Coven Thrones. These bone-framed constructs are held aloft by the departed spirits of those slain by the Vampire and doomed to bear them into battle for eternity.

    The Coven Throne is a huge model whose lower half is made up of ethereal madness. Ghostly, and occasionally armoured, tendrils stretch upward at an angle, at the head of which are skeletal riders on armoured horses. At the centre, it features the seductive Vampire and her handmaidens looming over a cauldron of blood. The kit is bedecked with a mind-boggling range of features, from lanterns to skeletons, to ghostly winds, decadent cushions and magical flames.

    - $66.50

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